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 If you use j hooks in your data cable or security work, take a moment and check out our line of j hooks. Our generic UL listed j hooks can save you 50% over brand names. Our line includes not only standard hangers but we offer configurations that you simply can not buy anywhere else. Read on and learn more. 

J Hooks With Attachment

While the best selling j hooks continue to be the bare, basic versions, we offer j hooks configurations you just won’t find anywhere.  We offer the basics like a j hook bat wing

or multi clip version for grid wire and ¼” rod. This is especially useful for adding a run to your existing support wire or rod or when you need to space you runs. Our hammer on rotator j hook is not just a hammer on, but it can rotate any direction you need to go. The hammer on j hooks are standard for 1/8” to ¼” flanges, but we can custom build to your requirement. One of our truly unique j hooks is the shooter version . This j hook is fastened to a angle bracket containing a pin for Hilti and Ramset tools. This is a great time saver. The pin in this clip is a top of the line ballistic point pin offering tremendous performance, even in brittle concrete. Not only is this a fast install but works well in tight ceilings with out much clearance. We can also pre assembled j hooks to threaded rod to speed up any install. We are known for our custom cable hangers so if you have special application, call us. If it can be done, we can do it!

J Hooks Specifications
Our j hooks are available in ¾”, 1-5/16”, 2” and 4” sizes. Our biggest sellers are the ¾” and 2” sizes followed by the 1-5/16” and the 4” sizes respectively. All the j hooks are galvanized steel with a yellow zinc chromate finish The bare j hooks are packed in boxes of 100 with the exception of the 4” which is boxed in 25 count. Our custom assemblies are boxed in 50 to 100 count boxes depending on the style. If you need less than a box, give us a call, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Construction Fastening

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You can find some excellent guidelines to keep in mind when using j hooks in regards to spacing and proper installation at BICSI



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