J Hooks With Multi-Clips

J Hooks With Bat Wing

Often called a “bat wing” a multi purpose clip an be used to attach your j hooks to pencil rod and grid wire.  They are also rated for 1/4″  and 3/8″ threaded rod.  There are several useful applications for a j hook with a bat wing .  First off, you can simply shoot up a grid wire with a Ramset tool and clip on the j hook. (Check out our selection of pre tied ceiling wire here .) If you don’t like the height , just squeeze the clip and adjust up or down.  This also works great for separating runs on the same hanger.  Another application is to mount several one threaded rod and shoot in place with a shooter clip.  If you are called back to add a run, you can easily add on to your pathway without having to add another hanger.  Available in 3/4″, 1-5/16″,2″ and 4″ sizes.